Molecular Imaging Technologies is the premier provider of PET/CT diagnostic imaging services in the Mid-Atlantic. As an industry leader and highly regarded partner with academic and community hospitals, and freestanding healthcare facilities, Molecular Imaging Technologies provides outstanding positron emission tomography (PET), diagnostic CAT scans (CT), combined PET/CT, radiation therapy, nuclear cardiology, and general nuclear medicine services.

Molecular Imaging Technologies specializes in cutting edge technology and offers the following solutions to choose from in the form of leasing fixed and mobile PET/CT equipment on an interim, short-term or long-term basis, establishing a joint venture for PET/CT imaging services, or sanctioning Molecular Imaging Technologies to deliver a full service PET/CT imaging solution to include clinical operations management, marketing, physician education, superior certified clinical staff, pre-certifications, and medical billing.

Molecular Imaging Technologies provides revolutionary PET/CT imaging technology that can alter a patient’s treatment for cancer, heart disease, neuro/Alzheimers, etc.


Our mission—and our passion—is to consistently deliver the highest quality diagnostic nuclear medicine services, providing timely information to physicians and patients to make informed decisions about diseases and treatment options. We create facilities and an environment where we would take our loved ones and commit to treat all patients with compassion, humanity and professionalism. Our goal is to continue to advance the science and practice of medical imaging through our partnerships with medical institutions in local communities; act as a responsible and ethical corporate citizen; and provide an environment of growth and opportunity for our employees.


Since 1997, Molecular Imaging Technologies has been a national provider of nuclear medicine services to various hospitals and healthcare facilities. The Company provides various PET/CT options to hospitals, physicians, and independent healthcare facilities ranging from full-service, fixed-site, mobile, and parked-mobile PET/CT services. Additionally, Molecular Imaging Technologies offers operational management, scheduling and administrative resources, molecular imaging services, sales/marketing, certified clinical staff, and quality programs to enhance customer satisfaction.

Molecular Imaging Technologies is committed to providing exceptional patient care in a clean, safe, and quality clinical setting that exceeds client expectations.

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