Regardless of the requirements of your PET/CT program, MITech will architect a framework to best fit the needs of all constituents involved in the imaging process. From patients to site managers, referring physicians, technical & professional staff, and key vendors, MITech will work to meticulously design an effective, efficient and organized program that provides the ultimate patient care and client satisfaction.



MITech offers a customized solution to deliver optimal patient outcomes.

  • Fully integrated PET/CT imaging suite within your facility/campus
  • Flexible structures with limited risk
  • MITech purchases the equipment and provides to you as a service
  • OEM Agnostic – can provide new, previously owned, and refurbished
  • Equipment upgrades driven by program successes
  • Ability to capture downstream revenue
  • Turn-key or a la carte services provided by MITech

Mobile PET/CT

A cost and resource effective solution for a necessary service.

  • No capital investment/build-out required – MITech utilizes an outdoor site-pad located on campus
  • Ability to “build” your PET/CT program
  • Full-time or Part-time scanning with a predictable, recurring schedule that allows you to maximize scan days
  • MITech can provide a stationary or “fixed” mobile system or provide scanning on a dedicated daily, weekly, or other customized schedule
  • MITech purchases equipment and provides to you as a service
  • Flexible Terms tailored to your patient scanning needs
  • Interim rental & short-term or long-term contractual solutions/flexibility
  • Turn-key or a-la-carte services at your discretion

Modular Configurations

Full-time, dedicated PET/CT solution without spatial constraints.

  • Little-to-no upfront expense
  • Relocatable modular structure to house your full-time PET/CT suite
  • No interruption to business operations
  • Turn-key or a la carte services

PET/CT Management Services

Managing every facet of your PET/CT Program.

  • Volume Assessment & Strategic Analysis
  • Revenue Cycle Management (Billing & Collections)
  • Patient Throughput and Workflow Coordination
  • Research & Clinical Trials
  • Referring Physician Education & Development
  • Equipment Maintenance and Service
  • Radiology Interpretations

Unique Contractual Structures

No single Client Relationship is the same and we pride ourselves on our ability to design deal structures that align clinical, economic and managerial interests:

  • Joint Ventures & Partnerships
  • Equipment Leasing & Rental
  • Management Services Arrangements
  • Fee-Based Structures
  • Site Mergers & Acquisitions